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Our Process

1. Initial Phone Call

Before making a commitment of your time or ours, a 15 minute phone call will make sure that your situation and goals are in line with our expertise.  

2. First Meeting

The focus of this meeting is YOU.  

This is where we get clear on your values, your goals, and your unique financial situation.

The answers to our questions along with the documents we requested will guide our analysis and allow us to answer the most critical questions to your retirement success in plain English.

3. Analysis

This is where we apply our experience, expertise, and resources to determine actions you can take in the 5 critical areas of your plan

  • Retirement Income
  • Risk Management
  • Estate Planning
  • Taxes
  • Investment Strategy

4. Second Meeting

In our second meeting, we will provide advice and recommendations around the best course of action to meet your financial goals, i.e. the work we would do together. This includes the answers to your specific questions and concerns.

5. Think on It

We do not believe in rushing financial decisions, especially when it comes to your retirement.

"Think On It" gives you the time to make an educated decision whether to hire us or not.  

6. Implementation

Our team will help you take the actions necessary to carry out your plan and get your journey to retirement underway.

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